Grow Notes |  Perfected – Unlimited Expectations 

Grow Notes |  Perfected – Unlimited Expectations 

 June 12, 2022

 Key Scriptures: Genesis 15:1-2,5 NIV; Galatians 3:29 NIV; Matthew 17:19-27 TPT; 1 Timothy 6:11 NIV; Ecclesiastes 9:11 NLT; John 5:17 NLT; Matthew 25:19-29 NASB; Matthew 25:21 NASB

Take Aways:

  • If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed. 
  • Never measure Jesus’ unlimited transformative power by your limited expectations.
  • Faith is a journey and grows as we trust in the promises of Jesus. 
  • We have greater mountains to be moved than simply looking for faith benefits. 
  • Mountain-moving, PERFECTED faith brings the power of God’s kingdom to the earth and shifts principalities. 
  • Having perfect faith while we are in an imperfect world gives us the permission never to bend and not be quickly broken. 
  • Our limited faith, when not made perfect, limits our expectations of morality and standards. 
  • God does the exponential when you are in the right place at the right time with the right response. 

Let’s Talk:  One of my favorite 80’s movies is Back to the Future. Maybe I’m dating myself, but if you haven’t seen it, you should watch it! The main character, Marty, is accidentally sent back in time where he meets his parents from 1955. His dad is a total loser and is always picked on and bullied. That pattern followed Marty’s dad into the future, and he was a real dud in 1985, as well. The problem was, he didn’t believe he was good enough for anything. No one had ever encouraged him to think beyond his own self-limitations and his circumstances. To make a long story short, Marty helps his dad learn to believe in himself and it changes his dad’s future. When Marty eventually returns to 1985, his dad was totally different. His whole countenance had changed, he had become successful, and his entire family was better for it. I know it’s just a movie, but how many of us have the same attitude in life as Marty’s dad? We put limitations on ourselves so we can never be let down. We never think we are good enough, so we never try anything new. We have more faith in our failures than successes, and God never intended for us to live like that. Much like Marty’s dad, we allow our faith to be determined by our circumstances. We listen to the world and everyone around us telling us that we are not good and we will never succeed. We need to be a people that never allow our circumstances to determine our level of faith, but go to Jesus in faith and allow Him to remove our self-imposed limitations. 

  • Do you allow your faith to be determined by your circumstances? 
  • Do you have more faith in your failures than in what God has promised you? 
  • Do you expect limitations in your faith or do you trust that God can accomplish anything in your life? 
  • Who can you encourage today to stop limiting their faith in God?  

Let’s Think: Abram, before he was Abraham, was given a promise from God, but he tried to put limitations on himself. He had faith enough to have a conversation with God, but pointed out that He didn’t have a son and doubted could he be the father of many nations. Abram was saying that’s a great idea, God, but I just need this one thing. Abram wasn’t getting it. God wasn’t thinking addition (that one thing), He was thinking multiplication! Abram was thinking, “I just need a son.” God was thinking, “I will make you the father of billions of sons!” How many times have we told God, “If you could just do this one thing for me, then I can serve you!” Or, “God, if you can just heal this one thing, then I will live for you!” God wants to take off those limitations. Faith isn’t about getting some blessing, it’s about allowing God to do the impossible through you. When I use my limited faith, I will always need one more thing before I can be enough for God. But if I take my faith to God, then He will perfect it through Jesus. What does that mean? He will take off the limitations of my faith, and give me His faith where anything is possible! 

  1. Do you have faith for some things and not for others? 
  2. How have you limited your faith? 
  3. How can the Word strengthen your faith and help remove limitations?
  4. What is one thing you have been believing for but have given up on? 
  5. Who is someone you can encourage that has given up on something they once had faith for? 

Going Deeper: God has called us to have faith to move mountains! That means we must allow Him to perfect our faith and remove those self- imposed limitations. Jesus’ unlimited ability to perfect who we are lifts us to dream purposefully (faith), live intentionally (holy), and walk peacefully (righteousness). When we allow Jesus to be our source for perfect faith, we will not bend easily, and will not be broken quickly. We will be able to stand for what we believe, and see the impossible though Him. 

  1. What mountains are in your way currently?  
  2. What circumstances are you currently facing that are trying to make you bend or break? 
  3. What scriptures are you standing on to strengthen your faith?
  4. What is one scripture you can share with someone who is struggling in their faith because of their current circumstances? Share it! 

Walk it out: 

How many times have you heard someone say, “Yeah, but…?” Someone tries to have some faith and hope and then the, “yeah, but” comes in. Take some time to think about what you have had a “yeah, but” about with God like Abram did. Maybe God has called you to do something great, but you have doubts and can only see your limitations. Write these things down in your journal and find several scriptures that will encourage you. Start praying over these things and put your faith in Jesus instead of your ability. Ask God to remove the limitations from your own mind and show you His unlimited faith to move mountains. 

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  1. Rhett Mullins

    These notes really helped me today. Thank you All for bringing clarity to scriptures and helping me understand this weeks message.

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