Grow Notes |  The Chemistry Of A Christian – Soluble  

Grow Notes |  The Chemistry Of A Christian – Soluble  

 September 18, 2022

  Key Scriptures:  Genesis 1:2-3 NLT; John 1:1-5 NLT; John 3:21 TPT; Galatians 5:22-23 NLT; John 14:9b NLT; John 14:26 NLT; John 3:16 NLT

Key Words: Soluble – susceptible of being dissolved in or as if in a liquid and especially water. 

Take Aways:

  • Light = Where the manifestation and revelation of God’s character meet. 
  • The Word of God was the manifestation of God’s Character. 
  • While the WORD was the manifestation, the Holy Spirit was seeking out the places that desperately needed the revelation of the LIGHT of the World.
  • A fruitful life is one that allows the Holy Spirit to reveal the LIGHT and the WORD to the darkest places of our character. 
  • The fruit of the Spirit is the nature of His Character and how He deals with us. 
  • The fruit of the Holy Spirit is the characteristics of His personality as He reveals the WORD, who in turn, reveals the FATHER.  

Let’s Talk: There is nothing like an ice cold glass of tea on a hot day. I know not everyone will agree with me, but I prefer sweet tea! When I was a kid, I would put so much sugar in my tea that it wouldn’t all dissolve and would collect at the bottom of my glass. I thought that was the best part because the last drink of tea was super sweet! I would always wonder though, why wouldn’t all the sugar dissolve in the tea? At the time I didn’t understand words like soluble, insoluble, and saturated. What I discovered in science class a few years later was that my tea was saturated with sugar (not a healthy thing) and the sugar was no longer soluble in the tea. So, the excess sugar would just collect at the bottom. The tea had no more room for the sugar to be dissolved in it. You know, that concept sure makes a whole lot of sense when I think about my life as a Christian. I have often times wondered, why doesn’t God’s love dissolve itself in me? Why do I struggle to forgive or be kind to those who are around me? Well, the fact of the matter is, my life had become saturated with the things of the world and there was no room for the things of God in my life, even though I desired them. Pride and selfishness had been dissolved in my life to the point where there was no space to allow the fruit of the spirit to become a part of who I was. I needed God to restore me and make me new through Jesus. I needed a new heart so that I could receive the things the Holy Spirit wanted to weave into my very being.  Even after becoming a Christian, and being made new in Christ, I still have to guard my heart and keep it ready to receive more of who God is in my life. 

  • What are some things that can hinder the Fruit of the Spirit from manifesting in your life?
  • What is something in your life that is taking up too much space? 
  • How can you rid yourself of something that is taking up too much space in your life?
  • What are some ways you can guard your heart from being saturated with things that keep you from the transformation that God desires? 

Let’s Think: One sure way to keep our hearts ready to receive revelation of who God is, is to allow the Holy Spirit space in our lives. When we become to busy with life and all its troubles, we can become so saturated with the cares of this world we have no space to hear what the Holy Spirit is trying to reveal to us. Revelation is the first step in being transformed by Jesus, but we have to be in position to receive what He is trying to reveal. When we are in a position to hear from the Holy Spirit, He will reveal who God is and who we can become as His children. He will teach and guide us into all truth. The question is, are you able to listen? 

  1. How do you handle the cares of this world? Do they overwhelm you?
  2. What are some ways we can keep the cares of this world from overwhelming us?
  3. What are some ways you can keep your heart ready to hear the Holy Spirit? 
  4. What was the last revelation you received from the Holy Spirit? 
  5. What did you do with the last revelation the Holy Spirit gave you?

Going Deeper: Once the Holy Spirit gives you revelation of who God is, the next step is manifestation. It’s one things to get a revelation of God’s love, but it’s another thing for us to become that love for others. God not only wants to show us who He is, He wants us to be transformed into those characteristics for others. I can understand that God wants to forgive me, then receive that forgiveness through Jesus, but am I willing to extend forgiveness to others? The Holy Spirit will empower you to be able to express the characteristics of God (Fruit of the Spirit) if you will allow Him to not only reveal these things to you, but propel you into action. The only God that people may see may be the God that lives in and through you. Allow the Holy Spirit to empower you to be the hands and feet of Jesus and point them to the Father. 

  1. Have you ever received revelation from the Holy Spirit and done nothing with it? If yes, why?
  2. What are some ways to make sure you follow through with revelation to manifestation? 
  3. Is there any revelation you have recently received but haven’t followed through with the manifestation (action) part? 
  4. How do others benefit when you follow through with the manifestation of what God has revealed to you? 

Walk it out: Take some time this week and examine the things that take up your time. Are they good things or bad things? Are they helping you make space for the Holy Spirit or keeping you from it? Have some of these things saturated your life, keeping you from hearing what the Holy Spirit is revealing to you? If so, make a plan to eliminate those things or limit how they are affecting you. For example, if you are saturated with worry, find several scriptures that will counter it. When you feel worry coming on, read those scriptures, ask the Holy Spirit for revelation and how to overcome. Then be obedient. 





The DIVINE comprises God the FATHER, God the Son or WORD, and God the HOLY SPIRIT.

All three operate in unity around POWER, LOVE  – Because God is Love, The Father has it, The Word has it, and the Spirit has it; Not forgetting the powerful JUSTICE and WISDOM.

The Father MANIFESTS Himself to us by GRACE through the Word giving us IDENTITY.

The Holy Spirit REVEALS the Word to us to enable us with PURPOSE to restore our RELATIONSHIP with the Father.

The Father is the TRUTH. Jesus is the way, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of TRUTH. It’s the truth that sets us FREE. The Father is separated in His HOLINESS, manifests as Christ’s RIGHTEOUS, and perfects us.

Knowing we are secure, we discover the PEACE of Christ and the revealed fruit of PEACE from the Holy Spirit. 

Peace pushes back fear and gives us a SOUND MIND.

Thinking clearly, we can approach life with a LOGOS-based Logic. That Logos Word was the one to CREATE all things.

And now the Father, with an established identity and restored relationship with us, is EVER PRESENT rich in MERCYLONG-SUFFERING and conducts himself GRACIOUSLY with Divine Decorum.

Christ is eternally COMMITTEDENDURING the cross, giving us every reason to want to be His disciples. Ready to READMEDITATE, PRAY, WORSHIPFASTSURRENDER, be STILL and GENEROUS living in the manifest and revealed presence of the Father or as it is written in Genesis 1:3 – Let there be LIGHT.



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