Twenty-Four – Day 7 Reading

Twenty-Four – Day 7 Reading

Day 7 – In Common Union

This was the moment in the 24 hours of Christ’s life that He began a practice that would continue to affect the Church to this day.  He began a practice that He wanted for us to keep doing and find unity in our remembrance of Him – the practice of Communion.

Why is Communion significant? Communion was celebrated for the first time just before Jesus endured the cross where His body was truly broken, and His blood was truly shed for our sins. For over 2000 years, the church has taken Communion together to remember what Jesus has done for us on the cross. We use the same items as Jesus did to participate in Communion, but the practice of Communion is all about being in unity with each other (Church) in celebrating the wonder of Jesus. It is a practice that despite having unity at its core has probably brought about the most debate and disunity. Let’s commit to a few things that we can all agree on. By using bread, we are reminded of the price paid for our sins and the healing of our body, soul, and spirit. By taking of a cup (juice/wine) We are reminded of His bloodshed, and that there was a covenant made in this moment. It was a covenant of the love and grace provided and the New Covenant of love the Jesus gave us to have with Him and one another. If the practice of community was all about an agreement of love and grace, it is the last practice that should cause grief and disunity.  It is a unifying sacrament where we remember that our salvation was bought by Jesus alone. Communion is in fact a reminder that we have been accepted, given divine grace and love and we are to share that “cup” with others. Jesus drank of the cup of bitterness so that we could celebrate the cup of love and grace. It should be common amongst believers to be in union with Christ in love and grace.

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Matthew 26:26-29

Mark 14:22-26

Luke 22:19-20

Isaiah 53:5

John 13:34-35

Matthew 22:34-40


  1. Rhonda m Brennan

    Last night my entire family sat and had communion alongside our church family. This year we are also going to celebrate Passover.

  2. Deborah Tumlinson

    I miss having communion so much. It has been over a year since we had communion at a Sunday service, well before Covid 19 hit. Other Churches I have attended served communion at least once a month, always on Sundays. I think you have it on Wednesdays at Victory Life Church, and we lived in Fort Worth until this summer. Hope to be able to share in communion soon. It is such an important and unifying remembrance of Christ’ sacrifice for our salvation.

  3. Melissa Bagley

    Daily reading has kept me on track this week with my priorities. Easter is always very special to my heart.

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